Free Tree Manager / Free Tree Builder
If you are interested in any type of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business or interested in direct sales marketing or in referral marketing or in part time job in MLM industry then you may use this free tool/service of our company NetBiz Infotech. By using this "Free Tree Manager" tool of our company you may create your profile in this system and also you can manage your referral in your downline. Free Tree Manager is basically a MLM Leads / MLM Tree Builder which will automatically create your tree in this system whenever your refrral also refer someone in his downline. At any time if you want to join in any MLM company you can import your complete tree structure in excel format at free of cost and export to new company. Parallely you will also received the promotional companion by new launched MLM company which will associated with our company for any services. The "Free Tree Manager" is a tool provided by our company is for Navigating Networker's Experience by building a tree but not in an MLM company.
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  • If you don't enter leader id then a new tree will be created for you.
  • If you don't select placement side then system will place you in weeker side of your leader.